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  1. Beanie by C.C
  2. The Ultimate Flannel by Urban Pipeline
  3. Bootcut denim jeans by Vigoss
  4. Skech-knit shoes by Skechers 

I wanted to try out a different outfit pairing today prior to heading out for my coronavirus test. I have been yearning to pair this flannel by Urban Pipeline with something, so I paired it with these comfortable bootcut jeans. Snug! And women’s? Yes, women’s jeans! Don’t judge me! I had this fresh glow to my skin after showering this morning which prompted me to share this outfit to my Lookbook page being that everything looks so clear. I have really amped up on my intake of ginger which I credit the glow of my skin to. 


I got my eighth coronavirus test today which is based out of caution when I encounter things while out. I work healthcare and two of my clients I worked with last week tested positive for the virus, so it was recommended by my employer that I get tested which I would have anyway out of caution. I envisioned that it would be a long line at the test site on top of it being cold outside, but it wasn’t. They really had it set up in a way making it comfortable for those wanting to get tested as well as those leading the tests. Those that were leading the tests were inside of a pod keeping them warm. And they had us, the ones getting tested waiting inside of a tent shielding us from the cold wind.


After getting my test I was hungry and wanted to search for a new restaurant to visit in Little Village, the neighborhood where I conducted my test. Craving steak tacos at the time, Raymond’s Tacos caught my eye. It’s Taco Tuesday baby! Yes!


For today’s workout part of December 4×4, I completed a 21 minute yoga session by Ekhart Yoga which Ekhart has been growing on me. I have been noticing that my flexibility has been slightly increasing and oh does it feel good doing certain poses. Following yoga, I added a 10 minute abdominal workout that nearly kicked my ass! If you want to tone up your belly, planks are where it’s at. I hope you all are staying safe out there. 


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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