Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 12): Uniqueness

Doing something different that is shocking is not considered uniqueness. Looking to gain attention is not uniqueness because many people all over the world look to do something to be noticed. Uniqueness is a state of truly being different from everyone else. Breaking the mold of mediocrity is a daily process because the direction that you have to go will be the opposite direction of where society is headed to.

You will face resistance when you choose to be unique. Going against the grain will put obstacles within your life that you have never experienced before. However, you must use your uniqueness to overcome the unique hurdles you will face. Here are four steps that you will be able to utilize in developing your uniqueness.

1. Deal with those in authority properly.  Now, this concept sounds contradictory because different governments throughout the world treat their people with utter disrespect. Nevertheless, you must respect the position of authority. When you control your tongue and your actions towards those in authority, then authority will then gravitate towards you. Your clout and your notoriety will begin to increase, which will then be the building blocks of amassing uniqueness.

Here’s a quick example of this step. For example, Virily allows for many different bloggers to post articles on this site. However, the Virily staff has set up some guidelines for bloggers to follow.  If those guidelines are not followed, then the consequence is that the post is not seen by anyone. However, I have chosen to remain within the guidelines of the site.  As a result, this post will be seen by thousands.

2. Pinpoint the main difference that makes you unique. Realize that you are not common. Find the one difference that makes you different from others. Once you pinpoint that one thing that brings about your uniqueness, desire to cultivate your gift because that will cause for your uniqueness to grow.

3. Eliminate routines in your life that negatively affect you. We all have certain habits that we do solely because of tradition and culture. However, every ritual that is practiced is not productive.  For example, a tradition in Tanzania is to chop off the limbs of albinos because they believe that albinos have some sort of magic powers when albinos had no choice in receiving the recessive gene of melanin. Eliminate the wrong habits out of your life so that your uniqueness will no longer remain bottled up by pure ignorance. I went pretty extreme with the example, but you have little things that you know that you need to get rid of that hinders you from being unique.

4. Do not do what the previous generations have done. Many ancient civilizations were destroyed because they acted on things that they believed to be true. For example, we call Greek mythology a myth because we all know that it is not true. However, the ancient Greeks believed in that bunk.  That false belief caused for the people to do wrong things in their life. They lost their empire because they fell for false information. Do not be so gullible. Since we know the truth about mythology, then we will take a different path than the ancient Greeks that fell. You will be taking a path of uniqueness.

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