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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 50): Freedom

We have finally made it to the fiftieth post in this marvellous series of manifestation over rebellion.  The goal for this series is to show that using the resources around you will prevent you from willingly taking the wrong path in life.  Choosing the title for number fifty was rather easy when thinking about this number in regards to the concept of the jubilee.

In ancient Jewish history, every 50th year was the jubilee.  All debts were cleared, all slaves were freed, and all seized property was returned to its rightful owner.  Due to the jubilee, those that were oppressed were given freedom.  To remain free in this messed-up world, you will have to check out the next four steps that I have for you below.  (Thank you, Captain Obvious!  There are always four steps in each part.)

1. Choose to use wisdom.  As we all know, we live in the information age.  If you want to know about anything, then the data is right there for you at your fingertips by checking your phone or your computer.  The problem with all of this information is that not that many people have wisdom.  Wisdom is not knowing a bunch of information because everyone would then be wise.  

Wisdom is to take the knowledge and the information that you have and apply that knowledge to your life.  For example, everyone knows how to add and to subtract, but not that many people know how to apply math to their own budget.  As a result, people spend more than what they actually have.  As of the time of the writing of this post, the US national debt is now at $22.5 trillion (USD). Spending less than what you actually have means that you are using your money wisely.

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2. Speak correctly.  Having good conversation will keep you out of plenty of trouble.  Here is a quote from Paul.  “Evil communications corrupt good manners.”  Talking good will guide you into doing good works.

3. Keep envy and strife out of your heart.  Envy is jealousy on steroids.  Envy is wanting something that someone has by taking it away from that person.  Looking to fulfill your own goals by going up while pushing everyone else down is horrible because repercussions will occur in the future from those you have knocked down.  There’s enough for everyone.  Focus solely on reaching your goals.

Strife simply means conflict.  There’s no need to argue with anyone because you cannot change how other people will think.  If somebody does not want to listen to your advice, then leave that person alone because that person has chosen to remain a loser.  Staying out of strife will prevent you from wasting time on people or things that are not supportive of you in reaching your goals.

4. Do not boast.  The only thing that boasting does is make other people wait for your downfall.  Do not give other people the opportunity to show you disrespect in the future.


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