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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 45): V.O.F.B.

For number 45 of this series, I decided to create an acronym:  V.O.F.B.  If you use alpha-numerics, then you can see that V is the 22nd letter, O is the 15th letter, F is the 6th letter, and B is the 2nd letter.  22+15+6+2 = 45!  The number 45 is a special number because forty-five represents achieving peace or rest by overturning evil.

How do we overturn evil?  Well, the answer is in the meaning of the acronym.  V.O.F.B. means victory over falsity, bro.  For the ladies, the acronym is victory over falsity, babe.  Gender cannot be used as an excuse when it comes to overcoming evil.  We all must take a stand against evil by attacking falsity.  Anything that is false must be removed from your way of thinking.  Here are four quick steps so that you will win.  Please check these tips out because nobody wants to lose intentionally.

1. Be the exception.  Stop being like everybody else.  Be the exception.  Stop looking to keep the status quo the norm.  Be the exception.  We are all unique people so we are wired to actually be the exception.  We are supposed to be different.  Others attempt to conform people to think the way that they think.  However, we have options.  Always remember that you have the option to not be like everyone else.  Be the exception.  What you do differently is the the thing the makes you stand out so that you can be the exception.

2. Unity.  Despite our differences, we must choose to only be around those that support you.  Choosing to build others up instead of tearing others down leads to people coming together.  There is no need to be around someone that is being an idiot around you.

3. Do not burn out.  You must find a balance between work and rest.  Overworking leads to fatigue.  There is a reason why the week was set up with one day of rest because you are supposed to rest so that you do not burn out and die.

4. Do things well.  Always look to do more than enough.  Always look to go the extra mile.  The term “extra mile” actually was created during the Roman Empire.  At any point in time, a Roman soldier could force a person to walk a mile with him.  The person commanded by the soldier would then have to drop everything that he was doing and walk a mile with the soldier.  The soldiers would command people to walk with them for a mile because they were cruel people.

In order to stop the soldiers from compelling them to walk a mile all of the time, the people then made the soldiers walk an extra mile with them.  When the soldier made the person walk a mile, then the person would walk two miles, which in turn made the soldier walk one extra mile.  When the people made the soldiers go that extra mile, then the soldiers quit making the people walk.  The key to this story is that when you do things well, then the morons around you will be forced to stop doing dumb stuff.  Raise the standard!  VOFB!

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    • It is sort of confusing. The soldier had authority to exercise over the citizens. However, a person that was under Roman rule also had the right to file a legal claim over unlawful use of authority. In the example, the soldier would force the citizen to walk a mile with him. After they walked the mile, the citizen would then tell the soldier that he could file a claim against him for using his authority incorrectly. To prevent a lawsuit or from this incident being reported to his superior, the soldier was then at the mercy of the citizen. As payback, the citizen would then make the soldier walk another mile with him.

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