Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 39): Transparency

This series has come full circle with the 39th part of this series called ‘Manifestation over Rebellion.’  I use this series to practice writing about concepts that are right in front of everyone, but are rarely seen.  The symbolism of the number thirty-nine is the idea from which the title of this series was originated.

Thirty-nine is three times thirteen.  The number three represents manifestation because we can only see an object manifested within this physical realm if the object has three dimensions:  length, height, and width.  (Objects that you do not see have four dimensions like good and evil.  You cannot see those things, but you can feel them.  Your words are the key to changing what is around you in the four-dimensional realm before seeing manifestation in this three-dimensional earth.)  The number thirteen represents rebellion.  Using gematria, every Greek or Hebrew word for the adversary is divisible by thirteen (The process is too long to show in this post; I should do a post on the precept of 13 next month).

Hence, manifestation over rebellion because visible proof prevents one from straying away from achieving future goals.  Remaining transparent will allow for you to not become bogged down when the vision may become cloudy at times.  Here are four tips about transparency.

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1. Hold on to hope.  Hope is expecting for good things to happen.  However, circumstances may not be favorable for you at all times.  When the struggles arise, you must hold on to hope because hope will be the fuel that you will need to overcome.

2. Keep your speech plain.  Use words in conversation that will be understood by others.

3. Do not disguise yourself.  Be who you really are at all times.

4. Remain consistent about looking for evil to be abolished.  This consistency will make you relentless at all times.

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  1. Wise words, and great tips. It’s really important to pay attention to the words we think, and the words we use. Your article is not detached from some of the discussions that have been taking place here recently. It fits perfectly, as it generally fits in a platform like this, where words are almost everything. ?


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