Handle, pedal, brake, tire, chain.Very rational thing. I came to show that a new technique was made. Even though it is covered with mud and sweat. Even if you want scars or bruises. Still do not give up. Because I like it very much. I believe it should be possible. Skin and heart are shaking.About the bicycle eye. What is the charm that makes you crazy. Bicycle mysterious magic. It’s a little disappointing. Let’s go to the top of that slope. I was invited by Hatsu but I tried it. Just because I am out of breath. Where is this fun?That time I gave up. White flowers on the slope. Because it is a distance that it will reach. I squeezed my last strength. Bicycle The sky spreads. The sunset falls in the street you look down. Bicycle downhill slope. I started playing it. It melts in bicycle style. Around her smile’s scenery. Magic of Bicycle Wonder as it is. I want to go forever.


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Written by seriopscual

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