Some ideas on how to choose curtains for your living room

The windows both from the inside and outside create the mood of the home, and can show hospitality or officiality. The window opens the world to us, and we can express our views on it with curtains. Choosing curtains is not enough to rely on fantasy and inspiration. There are rules that can help you choose the fabric and shape so that the space perfectly matches your needs.

The simpler, less curved curtains do not load the space, but the abundantly laid, sophisticated curtains are more suitable for spacious rooms. The narrow room is widened by horizontally striped curtains. The low-ceiling room can be adjusted with curtains with vertical bands. In this room, the cornice should be hanging at the ceiling. For the classic interior will fit the massive, heavy fabric curtains. In the country style (rustic style), will be perfectly suited the natural fabrics, calm colors curtains. For this style also fit floral fabrics. Modern interior design is more suitable for modest, minimalist curtains.

Curtains can be both day and night and people who like practicality are mostly use both. Day curtains usually have a thinner, translucent fabric that let through light well. Night curtains are made of a thicker fabric for to properly hide the interior from the outside glance. It should be emphasized that the curtains are of great importance for light and sound insulation, so choosing must necessarily take into account these factors.



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Written by Fortune