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Do You Love Saving Money?

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I love saving money. I feel like every penny I save is one I can spend on something more important to me like going on vacation or something nice for the kids. It has become a bit of a passion for me.

I recently discovered a page on Facebook called Savings & Deals. They are posting some of the best ways to save money and I wanted to share with you! You can check out this page at this link. They post several times a day and share about various options to save you money or get you money back.

Honestly, they share some pretty great stuff. I recently got a pair of jean shorts for just 44 cents. I have also been able to learn about new places for cash back and more! I think that this is super helpful.

When it comes to saving money, there are a ton of way to do it and personally, I am willing to try it all. I need more income and less money going out just like everyone else.

Who else loves to save money? Any great tips you can share in the comments?


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Written by Mandy Robinson