Would you like to come and join me?

Sometimes I like to be romantic and fantasize about things (you know what). When I see floor to ceiling glass restaurants and Sydney Tower restaurant in the background I feel like my search has ended here for my upcoming wedding anniversary.

But when I see the lakes in my neighboring areas of Blue Mountain almost 60 km away from city with large open areas, parks, lakes, river, restaurant which can accommodate more guests at lower expenses I feel like ‘what’s the need to go all the way to city?’

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Hey, I am planning for my next anniversary due this month end and looking for the right place. I am expecting about 100 guests. My wife says it should be at a lakeside restaurant as it would be good to have some of our neighbors too.

Yes the location is good with ample parking facility which is one of the major problems in Sydney city. I have personally attended couple of parties at this restaurant in the past which has very good arrangements both indoors and outdoors and to add to that reasonably flexible when catering to your needs.

I am talking about The Sebel Hawkesbury Resort right in the center of the Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor, New South Walse, Australia.

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What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag


  1. Congratulations, and Yes. I feel the same way. With the lake option, you don’t have to worry about traffic jam times, parking, the whole hassle of going to the city if you don’t live in it. I loved the lake, it looks beautiful.