Like An Unwanted Friend

I literally just wrote this…
It comes and settles in
Like an Unwanted friend
Trying to pull at you
Drag you down
But I will not
Be easily drowned.

It has a way
Of eating at you
The way the dog
Eats a bone
But you refuse
To give in
To the beast.

People look at you
With looks a mixture of
Pity and Envy
So easy to judge
As you pull in close
But you don’t look disabled
Like your supposed to wear
A Uniform.

There are good days
When you pull through
And bad ones that land you
On your knees
As time fades so do the why me’s.

It comes
Trying to settle in
Like an unwanted friend
But you push through
Smiling away the pain.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell
3:23 A.M P.S.T


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