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LIFE – An Unravelling Adventure

“Do not judge anyone’s life story by the chapter you walk in.”

There are times when we watch a movie or read some novel and the story appears to be as if all this long, we were ourselves present there. One might wonder, how can someone’s journey be so interesting, adventurous, filled with so many emotions and spontaneous. And once the story gets completed, once we are out of that wonderland, we find ourselves back in our world.

People have different outlook towards life. Some keep plans for future or some believe in seizing the day. Every individual has his own story going on at this moment. Just because our life appears to be going on very slowly as compared to the virtual stories that we come across through books and movies, doesn’t mean it is gonna be any less than them. Take a moment and look back to all the days that you have lived by now and realize the excitement and the experiences they behold.

Paulo Coelho says in his book ‘ALCHEMIST’,

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”  

When at some points in our lives, money and leisure stop being the differentiator, we could be able to enjoy life, the way it is meant to be.

Sometimes, following the same routine over and over again, we might get so used to it that any change would repel us. Life is a great blessing. If I am not happy and optimistic every moment, then I am not living in the moment. We crave for a peaceful life, where every thing goes as we please, where everything around us would make us happy and lively. However, the truth is, sometimes seemingly big things are not so big once you get them and looking back at past you realize maybe smaller things were way bigger.

This is a great illusion and the cause and effect of this illusion is NOW.

For me, all these years I had been so obsessed about my future, I wanted to take control of everything. The way we make flowcharts that so and so years from now, we will be doing this and getting this. Even I had all things set straight for my future. Liability of this misconception only occurred to me when there were times things wouldn’t go as per the plan.

I was all these years, just so obsessed about what would happen, so much wanting to be known to my future meanwhile also taking the entire responsibility of my past.But, all I was doing was frequently swinging from past to future and not living in today. True essence of life is being able to live in the present.

And life is beautiful. Even when there be no resources to access all the materialistic pleasures of the world, it still is Beautiful.

Life, I believe, should be Big, not necessarily Long.


What do you think?

Written by Shaivy Adhikari