Less Than Pleasant Neighbor

September, 1984

I moved into an apartment on Ocean Street in June 1984. I enjoyed the diversity of Lynn & the people I was meeting there. Apparently one of my new neighbors was less than thrilled about my living there. Within a week of moving in I began finding notes on the windshield of my 1976 Dodge Aspen. ( I got the impression they didn’t like the “Question Authority” & “U.S. Out of El Salvador” bumperstickers) They were written in ballpoint pen on napkins, illustrated with drawings of daggers piercing hearts & blood dripping. The notes generally read like this “Hey Commie faggot! Reagan is gonna get reelected & fuck the shit outta El Salvador! Why don’t you go back there, you f*&kin’ spic bastard?…I’d like to use your eyes for grapes…”  I shrugged off the first couple of notes but after 2 months living there this was starting get old. I asked Joni Beasley for advice. She suggested I call the police & have them come to meet me in front of the apartment, during the day. I called them and met them twenty minutes later. After showing the police the most recent note, I was asked, “Are you a communist? Are you a homosexual?” This conversation didn’t make me feel safer, but the notes did stop after that.


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Written by PaulPallazola

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  1. It’s just amazing how much discrimination there still is in South Africa against gays. A report is due out in our local newspaper, and I intend to give them a photo of my partner and I, caption to read: “Lois H. and …, close friends for the last 38 years”, just so that we don’t get backlash. It’s so frigging sad, isn’t it?

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