I Learned That Summer (Poetry)

For Mimmi For All I Have Learned from You

I learned that summer How to laugh more freely

And love more easily.
I learned that summer

To look inwardly

Because things are not

Always what they seem.
I learned that summer

The power of prayer

You taught it to me

The way you got through

Life Despite all the pain.
I Learned that summer

That miracles are real

The fact that you are still

Here is a miracle

That’s for sure.
I learned that summer

The power of faith

I know it carried you through

And I thank God for you.
The sister of my heart

You couldn’t have been a better sister

If the same blood lines

Flowed through our veins.
I learned that summer

What it was like to have

A sister

Like you.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

Aug. 08.06

12: 05 A.M PST
Sadly Mimmi passed away on February. 09.2007.

But she lives on through all the lives she touched!


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