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It Took Me About a Week

It took me about a week and a trip to several different stores, but I was finally able to get Toilet Paper the other day, we also stocked up on about a months worth a of groceries because due to my Asthma and the fact that I had Little Miss from time to time I stay in as much as possible other than going to the Church to check on Me Grace our Churches cat when the weather is decent.  I live close to the Church but another member checks on him as well, so I haven’t been in a few days because the weather has been bad.

Mr Grace Our Churches Kitty…

Thankfully I did get a half a ham for Easter dinner, as well as the other stuff I needed.  I have a deep freezer as well as a fridge and freezer given to me by friends whose place we helped clean out in March of 2019, long before the Pandemic and even then we sterilized it and I must say especially now it’s truly been a blessing.

I got Little Miss some art stuff while we were out as well, but due to the changes we may not have her for awhile, buy she will have canvas and charcoal pencils to look forward to when she comes back.  I did have her until a few days ago though.  I was also able to pick up some writing paper, thankfully I have tons of books to keep me busy, those I have at the house and those on my iPad and Kindle.  

It’s definitely a bit of a strange feeling, I’m used to being at the Church several days a week in one capacity or another and I definitely miss seeing those I care about, but I also want everyone to be safe.

I know others have it far worse than I do, so I’m going to do my best to look at the positive side of things…


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