Is Sleeping Naked Detrimental To Your Health?

Wow, I’ll bet you, like me, were also battling with a serious case  of “F.O.M.O.” when you read this headline, because, closeted right in there is a pivotal moment since we’ve often heard how vitally important sleep is to your overall health…

The experts say, sleeping is definitely one of THE most important things you can do for your health, along with your exercise and nutrition and getting enough sleep, but more accurately,  getting QUALITY sleep is so vitally important a factor in the risk of diseases such as diabetes, (which I have) and the condition’s link to heart disease and other scary diseases like dementia, and several others.

Which brings me to sleeping naked as mentioned in my title of today’s Virily post.

“Is sleeping naked good or bad for your health?” Well, let me get on with the news, right now!

Multiple recent studies are showing conclusive evidence, that sleeping “butt-naked” at any age has huge benefits, the obvious first one, being, a giant boost in intimacy with your partner. Also, sleeping naked leads to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that helps reduce blood pressure, relieves stress, lowers sugar and stimulates circulation. Even, sleeping with only the bare minimum of clothes on also helps keep you cool, which in turn, helps with insomnia…

Another serious plus is that it also helps reduce skin breakouts, heat rash and yeast infections!

And, it helps you keep looking and feeling younger — but ONLY if you are getting the right TYPE and QUALITY of sleep. And speaking of better QUALITY sleep (we’re talking blissful sleep where you wake up refreshed and feeling amazing every single day!

To me, as a writer, sleeping was never about worth; that perspective fostered erroneous judgment and wayward idealism.  To me, sleeping was about getting what I could with what available time I had.  

Seldom about the obvious benefits, but even the hidden ones as well.  “Eat the rib-eye, but make use of the hide, bone, and marrow, let others fret about quality and prestige, that was my motto!”

Now, I’m pretty darn certain, that my sleeping life had hitherto been much of a fool’s errand in the sleeping department! or as the dictionary puts it:”The constant performing of a task or activity that has no hope of success.” Oh, I almost forgot to explain what I meant with F.O.M.O., a Fear Of Missing Out. Lol.

It’s not entirely too late to start making a change, or is it, what say you?


What do you think?


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