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Getting rid of hermit look for peace of mind

In normal time of the year, I never ever grow beards and long hair. I let them cut by my favorite barber and have my head a clean cut not necessarily a military cut. It’s enough for me to have a clean look.

But when this global crisis brought by COVID-19, I made up my mind to let my hair and beards untouched until the quarantine period is lifted up. And it took me more than 2 months to get rid of my hermit look.

Our local government issued an order making a lax quarantine wherein the people can go out and do their regular shopping purchases of the basic needs provided they observe social distancing and wear a protective facemask.

I surprised a visit to my 3rd elder daughter who lives in our second home at the government employees village, a 2-kilometer distance away from our residence in the city. I knocked at her door. She opened it with a big, happy smile from her face as she greeted me, good morning. We never hugged nor shook hands.

She offered me something hot to eat for breakfast. Whilebwe exchanged some pleasantries and anything about the Covid updates, she noticed my hermit look like a sage old man. She took her barber’s electric haircutter and started cutting my hair.

Now my hermit look is gone and I look a new normal sage old man with a clean haircut. Upon going home, my wife looked surprise to see her hubby looked handsome.

It pays to feel, look clean and have a shaved beard and short hair. It creates a peace of mind and a clear thinking.

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Written by Gil Camporazo


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