Getting Out of a Rut

Do you feel like you are stuck or not living up to your potential? The good news is that a few simple decisions can get you back on track in life. As long as you still want it, you can achieve whatever it is that you set out to do.

#1 Trust Your Instincts

Always trust yourself more than you trust the "wisdom of the crowd." In many cases, those who get ahead in life are the ones who do what they know is right before anyone else catches on.

#2 Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time

There is never going to be a perfect time to do what you want in life. There will always be bills to pay, family squabbles to deal with and people who don't agree with your choices. By waiting too long, you may wake up one day only to find that you missed your true calling.

#4 Don’t Wait for Anyone Else’s Approval

Most people who dismiss your dreams are upset that you are willing to try something new. Yes, you may fail at your chosen endeavor or take longer than you thought to meet your goal. However, even if you fail, you aren't proving your doubters right. Instead, you are proving that you have what it takes to succeed.

#5 Don’t Hesitate

You may have heard the term "analysis paralysis" or something similar. By thinking too much and taking too long to look at all of your options, you may miss the perfect chance to make something of yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Luckily, you don't need to be perfect to achieve your goals.


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Written by Cody Hodge