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Celebrating Columbia

A Little Visual tour of Old Town, the Fallon House Theaters was founded in 1857, and yes there are still shows here.

 The town was Silenced for a couple of months due to the Pandemic.  Covid 19 has taken a toll on this town, which is very much a town where tourists and school kids a like come to visit.  

The Old Gazette Office is probably one of my favorite buildings here but that’s not saying much because I love all the buildings.

The Mercantile is an old fashioned grocery story, that carries everything from frozen goods to Kerosene lamps.  Teresa the owner, her husband and her Mom are the sweetest people and stayed open throughout the Pandemic making sure locals had access to groceries.

The photos are all mine, I have a page on Facebook dedicated to Photography called Sierra Expressions hence the watermark.

I hope you enjoyed this small tour of Columbia, which is part of the California State Park system.  The Park Rangers have kept the park open for locals to walk through and get excerise throughout the Pandemic, and the Grocery Store a.k.s the Mercantile remained open.

The house enclosed in the article is The Wilson McConnell House, if you have seen High Noon you may have seen this beautiful home.


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