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Can we learn from France?

France has made its environment friendly, First head over the countries that save food from the waste and then it is going to take practical steps to avoid clothes being wast. This step has been taken to help needy people and bind store to donate.

World Economic Forum report says, France is going to ban clothes wast that are not sold on clothing stores. According to the French fashion network, 7 million tonnes of clothes are not sold every year in France, and 1/4 clothes dresses are capable to reuse. The purpose of step is to help needy people and environment friendly atmosphere.

According to the World Resource Institute data, 2,700 liters of water is used to make a cotton shirt. This is the amount of water that a common person drinks for two years. According to the Guardian, many tonnes of carbon dioxide can be prevented by making a ton of clothing reusable. In 2016 France become the first country of the world who declare food wast as crime.

By the implementation of this law, France now holds the lowest food waste countries in the world. This law prevails on the food items expected in 2019 as well as clothing. In the next phase, steps will be taken to avoid the prevention of wast in electronic products, furniture and the hotel industry.

Can we learn from these steps in France? Comments below , your comments will be much appreciated.

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