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Blog: Job interview

Wish me luck! I have a job interview this upcoming week that pertains to the career I ‘am pursuing in college. I about lost my mind when I saw three openings on which prompted me to apply for them all! I think it would be the perfect experience to add to my resume as I continue to go for a higher degree and would certainly keep me actively engaged in the mental health counseling environment. While researching more about the agency itself, I encountered some nasty reviews that pertained mostly about the staff at this agency. During my interview, it will be one thing I take notice of as I learn about the agency because who wants to work in a toxic environment. I surely do not.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'am a military veteran, a direct support professional for adults with disabilities, and a college undergrad pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'am a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover! I fell in love with writing during my second semester of undergrad, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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      • I know that… I was just complaining because I saw you on other people’s posts while I was visiting you constantly and you visited only like 2 of my posts… I just felt bad because I know you were always at least opening and upvoting them before whenever I visit yours too… (not talking only about “money” as some people interpret when I say something like this)
        You are constantly in a hiatus….. 😉

        • I’am constantly wanting to take a hiatus because the work on here compares to a job, but online. And I certainly do not want to burn myself out when I deal with other computer base work. Sometimes my eyes just need the break because I know that my clients have behavior plans and notes that need attention too. In the future, I plan to work out something where I just focus replies one day, and up voting & commenting on other days.

        • I’m easily fueled to put together things to stay relevant. At the moment I’am playing around with Quora. Quora invited me to a partner program where I ask questions and get paid. Right now I’am averaging 13 cents a day with my previous questions, but home to get it up to a dollar a day. I’ll share more on it once I reach the payout.

          • Really?????????????????!!!!!!!!! How come???????????? I never heard of that!!!!! :OOO I never knew they pay for such things!!!!!?????? :OOO

            Wow!!! You sure do!!!!!

          • I know, completely draining……!!! But you were actually giving answers not questions… Why they want you to ask questions…?
            I know, I completely agree with you and am way too annoyed with Quora and their obnoxious rules too!!!

          • Oh, ok, understandable… That is too slow, I earn that here in a month or two, depending on my activity and having the decrease in the Viril value in mind now…

          • You wrote me in another comment about it but I would like to add I might consider doing it although not sure (you will see my answer in my posts…)… Not sure I’m able to come up with all those questions :||||||||||||

          • Oh, so it isn’t a “must” to put them everyday… Just wanted to say you can earn a lot here too although it needs a lot more work and time for that… :/

          • Hmmmm….. So the earning actually depends on the views…? :/ Do you earn anything for only posting a question too, or you need views on them..? Also, how much do you earn on 1 question?

        • It took forever to reach the $10 mark on Quora, but now I’am figuring out when they are going to pay me that $10. I have all of my deposit information listed yet they have not deposited into my account. Until they pay, I have lowered my activity to just 1 question a day, if I even post that. Your earnings increase by views and clicks on ads (similar to Virily), but you’d have to post a question that others would be curious in. My top question is (

          • Wow….. I thought you said it’s much quicker there than here….. :/|
            Oh, sorry for that…! How come????? Have you tried contacting them or seeing if it’s stated somewhere when the payments are made…..?
            Yes, I understand…
            So how many views did you get on it…..?
            When I was active I was using it only for making questions and putting my Virily links in it to get more views (Virils) when there were guest views, so many were clicking my links, but I was also informed several times it is not allowed so it really became bugging….. Also, I was putting a lot of topics in it to get more views (hahaah 😀 ) but I was very much annoyed even that there is the possibility to add like 20 of them they remove 2/3 of them so I’m like why is it enabled to put 20 of them then………(wtf)?!?!?!!!! 😐
            So with so many annoying things and so many annoying people who will criticize whatever you do and even are allowed to CHANGE everything in your questions I was soooo pi**ed offffffffffff……….!!!!! :|||

        • I’am with you on that. I get so pissed when they mess with my questions on Quora just because they cannot understand it. Definitely not going to thank the person for tampering with my question.

          As for as the payment, I finally got paid on there. I guess they had to verify my information in full. I’am motivated to go for my next, but going to do it at a slower pace. I’am talking a 2 question a day pace.

          • Oh, great… I found another site I mentioned in my pending post and seems earnings are better there, but it’s a cryptocurrency so it fluctuates a lot and not it’s very low

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