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Am Back

Am back.

The journey has been long.


Am tired!

The joints are paining and so is my whole body bathed in tiredness.

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The journey began with steemit. It was enjoyable writing, curating and trading in crypto.

Yet as with all long journeys, they have hills, valleys and corners. They tired me out. I got frail, farmished and stopped.

The journey had an abrupt stop.

I headed to Amazon. It was enjoyable creating E-books and paperbacks. 

Oh, how lovely!

Yet marketing is no bread and butter. Only those who know you well purchase from you. A disaster loomed too. I stopped.

Yet am a published author!


Is this how authors feel!

I had to go back home to Virily, my love.


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    • I normally received notifications in my email. They came severally.

      I decided to come back. Your scheme is good. I want to read that post.

      I think the admin should do all it can to keep those who come back. Thank you once more.


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