A Very Hot Summer

This has been a very hot summer so far in Central Louisiana as it has been for most of the continental United States.  I was raised in Western Pennsylvania where it usually did get above maybe 98 degrees once in awhile.  I like the heat but the humidity is a killer.  This person is not used to temperatures that reach anywhere from 100 to 112 degrees in the shade.  I also took a dip in a swimming pool, but it was too much like a hot bath.  It did nothing.

Sometimes I wish I could go back North and one day I will I just do not know when.  I want the brisk days of autumn and raking leaves along with the cold winters and even shoveling snow.  I sure miss those chores now after almost six years of living in the deep, tropical Southern United States.

My sister bought me one of those sheds that kind of look like those tiny houses on that show ‘Tiny House Nation’ and all I think I would have to do is find a lot up North somewhere and secure it down and make several adjustments.  I have a few ideas maybe a friend of my mom’s would let me settle my room in her front yard and for rent of the yard space I could rake leaves in the fall and do a little snow shoveling in the winter and maybe mow the lawn in the Spring and Summer for when I would be able to do would be sometime in my sixties and that would really make me a Senior citizen.

As when I started this story it has been so far a very hot and humid summer, and it started make in May.  I am person who for the most part likes to plant and do maybe a little garden tending and the humidity along with the temps are not conducive to that kind of work.  At the beginning of June I was going to plant a pumpkin patch as mentioned before the weather was not cooperative.  I am at the point that I now cannot wait for kids to go back to school so the weather to start to cool off and I can do more stuff outside.  Does anyone know what it is like to watch kids play in a swimming pool when it is a very, very hot day.  I know I could of got in the pool, but with four young kids and at times a few teenagers who really wants to swim with that.  I sat under a small shade tree with my puppy dog and read a book for further articles and quizzes that I hope readers will like.

That is about it for my very long hot and humid summer season. I only have 11 days of summer vacation left to survive.


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Written by 1Mark

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