2 Causes for Tiredness

Each person’s tone and energy level will change as soon as he knows how to combat common causes of fatigue. Most people tend to consider their lifestyle as too busy and responsible for their fatigue.

If you feel tired give yourself two or three weeks time to make some changes in your lifestyle. Give up caffeine, use multivitamins, consume more liquids, and engage in fewer social activities and sleep longer.

If fatigue persists even after these changes, you need professional help. Exhaustion could be a sign of far more serious illnesses to be dealt with by specialists.

1. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals:

Low level of iron and vitamin B12 or D could trigger moodiness, fatigue and anxiety. Experts believe that a large percentage of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of Vitamin D can cause muscle weakness and pain. The only way you can accurately find out if your mineral or vitamin values are low is blood tests.

2. Anemia:

This condition is normally seen in females who have significant menstrual periods and who do not consume enough foods that contain iron. Fatigue caused by anemia is the result of lack of enough red blood cells, which bring oxygen from the lungs to cells and tissues.

People who suffer from anemia will feel tired and their breathing will be difficult. Anemia could also be caused by kidney failure or cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, internal hemorrhage, blood loss, vitamin or iron deficiency.

As for symptoms, fatigue is the main sign. Headache, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances and extreme weakness may also be included. Simple physical exercise such as walking short distances or climbing stairs can cause fatigue.

An in-depth assessment of anemia includes a complete physical examination and blood tests, including a complete blood count to check the level of red blood cells.


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