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What's Blooming: Gladiolus

Gladiolus are now blooming at my house and filling the front of the house with orange and yellow flowers.  Gladiolus are a perennial flower that delivers beautiful tall stalks with blooms from the top to approximately the center of the stem.  They can reach up to four feet or even taller.

Blooms come in a variety of colors and color combinations.  The orange and yellow blooms in the photo are one of my combinations.  They usually bloom out on the second year after planting and then you can expect gorgeous blooms annually.

Gladiolus are often called “Glads” and commonly referred to as Glads.  They are a great flower for bouquets and for cutting and bringing indoors to enjoy.  The flowers will last for several days after being cut.

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    • Thank you, Pamela. That has been the only color I have caught blooming so far. Only 3 blooms this year and I missed the first one. I do believe that one was either orange or red. It looked to be a darker color.

    • I have actually neglected the beds in the front. I planted these and that was it. They are hardy plants thankfully. Next year I will have more blooms as new plants popped up this year with the wind blowing the seed last year. I love the wait to see what colors I have. I originally planted a mixed color assortment and the orange/yellow is the only color I have caught blooming.


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