Using Art to enhance your home

Interior decorating is much more than just making a house ‘look nice’.

It should also be more, much more, than a design or fashion statemen; at least it should be, because the paints, the wallcoverings, colours schemes, materials and ornaments you use, are ones you will have to live with for some time.

They will be the first things you see every morning and the last things on a night.

Even the best choices can become somewhat tedious and boring after time.

So, what to do to keep your home decor fresh and vibrant without it costing a king’s ransom?

I have a simple tip, one which makes sense on so many levels;

Firstly, it is easy and quick to do.

Secondly, the effect can be stunning, completely changing the ambience of a room.

Next, the choices are almost endless.

It allows you to focus on a colour theme, or mix it, mash it up as you wish.

Most of all, it allows you to express your own personality.

So, what am I speaking of?



Artworks are often overlooked when considering decorating, too often images and pictures are left as afterthoughts, or given as gifts by great Aunt Helga who has the most obnoxious and strangest taste in paintings you have ever witnessed.

Sound familiar…I thought so.

That is why I have written this post. Take a good look at how these digital prints have transformed the spaces they are in. Whist the effect is amazing the application is one of the simplest.

Even the most ham fisted or inexperienced person in the entire world can achieve life changing results simply by using eye-catching, colourful, outstanding works of art.


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Thanks for reading, Paul.


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Written by Paul White

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