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ootd (outfit of the day)

  1. Fedora by Westend
  2. Multi-colored plaid shirt by District 91
  3. Faux leather shorts by Ya Los Angeles 
  4. Shoes by Skechers

As a guy, wearing faux leather pants alone is a bold statement, but when you wear faux leather shorts it is a totally different level of boldness. I believe when I paired two of these featured items together ( fedora & plaid shirt) in the summer of course, I wanted to play around with both of their designs on top of the colors matching together. But now, the faux leather shorts were the most recent clothing item I purchased  that matched both, and at the time I had no black shorts preferably that matched .  

Just recently, I donated the faux leather shorts, but wouldn’t hesitate on adding another pair to my summer wardrobe. Now, the fedora featured makes its way out every-now-and then when I want to pair it with select clothing items, but as for the multi-colored plaid shirt, I have contemplated donating it due to me having worn it with just about everything it matches with in my wardrobe. It has a lot of life left, but I love the thought of posting it up on eBay to sell then purchasing something different. 

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