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Tips and Tricks: Small Houses & Great Living

Small living or working spaces are a great challenge for architects and interior designers. To incorporate at least 3 rooms or at least spaces for different purpose, and to add the storage without cluttering the space of approximately 20-40 m2 sometimes is mission impossible.

Still, the smaller spaces are attractive for young professionals, young couples and people that live alone or with one more person and can’t afford or just don’t need the burden of a big house. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want luxury!

While I was watching the videos below, I realized that the luxury isn’t connected with big spaces and royal high ceilings. You can create perfectly comfortable, super stylish and incredibly organized small living space that will meet all of your needs. And it will be affordable, which means more cash is left at the end of the month for many more important things than rent/ bills!

Enjoy the videos and do not be afraid to move into a small apartment or house, because, you will see how cool smaller spaces can be!

#2 Shipping Container Home

In the video you can see a shipping container turned into a guest home in New Zealand. The owners asked for a transportable, affordable house, and voila- the shipping container was the most natural solution. This home has everything in 20 ft (37 m2). The interior space is maximized by pods attached on the sides of the container that house the bathroom and lounge space. See it for yourself!

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#3 Paris Micro Home

Probably the smallest of all homes (12 m2) but tidy, organized and practical like Scandinavian. The architect was very challenged to incorporate three rooms into very tiny space, so she stacked functions: she elevated the kitchen and rolled a bed-slash-sofa underneath. The result: minimal and creative solution for extremely small spaces.

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#4 Alpha Tiny Home

The title already says it all: this tiny house has it all. Huge kitchen, full-sized Jacuzzi tub, sliding overhead glass door, king bed, stow away dining. David Latimer is the founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes, a company that, obviously builds "tiny homes and communities for a better tomorrow, realized today", as stated.

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Written by Ana