Tips for the home landscape lighting

The most beautiful and carefully guarded garden can lose all its benefits when it is dark, and when the night’s darkness covers the nearby beauty. Garden lighting is a fairly new area of landscape design. For decades, the site was illuminated by a single simple lamp above the usual entrance door, illuminating the part of the track and the door in a dark daylight.

Now, the situation is radically changing: the innovations in the markets and the right choice of the lamps will help you to prolong enjoyment the fresh air. Of course, the lights above the door do not intend to be refused but try to ensure that their technical characteristics and appearance do not abandon the modern requirements.

Home landscape lighting is a multifunctional system consisting of a variety of lighting devices and can be used to solve several tasks: functional, aesthetic and emotional. Well thought out landscaping lighting system will make it easy to get around the area even in a dark time of the day. Illumination of flowers, stairs, tracks, water bodies, trees and shrubs, recreation and entertainment places will create a mood and give you the opportunity to admire the landscape at night and feel safe.

Lighting equipment is chosen based on the characteristics of the landscape and the status of the design area. There are used the decorative supports, light-emitting lamps are placed in the soil, and used transportable small light bulbs. They must be moisture-proof and preferably dust free.

Where to light up

From a practical point of view, a park or garden can be divided into several zones requesting of lighting:

  • First of all, there is an entrance to the territory, a site where it would be best to install automatically ignitable lights that illuminate the road;
  • Second, the entrance to the house. The lamps installed here also carry decorative and utilitarian functions, as the little stairs should not be a surprise for the guest.
  • Third – the tracks. Under the lighting contour, one meter high lights should stand at a distance of 5 meters from each other. If the track is sufficiently winding and planted with high shoots, the distance between the luminaires should be reduced. Low-light lamps look very nice, but they require more maintenance (they can be snow-covered, snow is needed to clean off). If this condition is fulfilled, lights from the snow will shine in the winter evenings, giving the environment an extraordinary beauty.High luminaries should be at least 2 m high because they are installed at the height of human eyes, they do not perform their true function as much as dazzle.

  • The fourth is the “security zone“. The location of the observation camera must be reasonably well lit and the light beams must not be directed directly to the camera lens. Such security zone can be, for example, the territory’s perimeter.
  • Fifth, decorative lighting, designed by a landscape designer, depends on the features of the plot and adds new ones.

Creating a masterpiece in your garden – both difficult and easy. Illuminate the place you like most ( an interesting form of a tree, rock garden, bench, rosary) so you can enjoy not only the day. It remains only to choose which light is more acceptable to you: colored, directed or dispersed.

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