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To clarify the two previous posts where I have used the same photo of the Adam Eve (Rheo discolor) plant – or clam pineapple, another name in my area, or an oyster plant, purple-leaved spiderwort, the boat lily or Moses-in-the- cradle in various titles in other countries – this time I intend to display the original black and white version and the design & edit version that has been displayed, and also a little description of the plant itself. This post is also on the advice of some friends.

Adam Hawa (Adam Eve) plant is a classification of kingdom Plantae and has the Latin name Rheo discolor and some call it Rhoeo spathaceae, also Tradescantia spathacea.

This plant is classified into a perennial plant or annual plant. Even this plant generally breeds with seeds or stem cuttings. The breeding culture is very easy and the possibility of growth is very high. Even in planting media that lack nutrients even, these plants can grow well and do not require too intensive care.

I have posted the picture above with the same type of plant on 260th of the 365 Days Challenge post.

Not many know that this plant has so much compound content, which the ingredients of the compound are very beneficial for health and special disease treatment. According to some studies, this plant also contains antitumor compounds and also antimutagenic compounds.

Now you can calculate the number of colors by yourself, and what are the true color combinations.

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