Sunshine Beauty

We live in a world surrounded by beauty, that we sometimes unknowingly destroy as we go about our daily lives, oblivious of the affect we have on everything around us. This flower voluntarily popped up outside the flowerbeds, and was saved from the doom of the grasscutter, that so many of it’s kind find to be their demise. Many of the flowers, and other splenders of natural beauty i photograph, are doomed within minutes, for growing in the wrong place in the yard. I do however find myself quite often leaving areas uncut, so the colors of the so called weeds can grow to show their true beauty.



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Written by JasonsWorld

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  1. What a beautiful flower and an awesome post! <3 Yes, we are all too often oblivious to our affects on everything and everyone around us and it's very sad because it is multiplied by the masses… I love your signature: "Peace~" That says it all right there. We all must learn to live in peace with ourselves, fellow humans and nature. Peaceful coexistence = world peace <3 Thank you for this beautiful post, Jason! You're awesome!

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