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Interesting Facts about Rose Flowers

  1. The earliest cultivation of roses is believed to have begun at least in 500 B.C.
  2. The oldest rose flower that is still alive is believed to be 1,000 years old. It grows on the wall of Cathedral of Hildesheim, Germany. A documented record exists of its presence from 815 A.D.
  3. The tallest recorded rose bush stands at a height of 23 feet.
  4. The current recorded largest rose, pink rose, measures around 33 inches in diameter.
  5. The breathtaking scent of rose flower arises from the tiny glands on the petals.
  6. The largest rose garden in the world is located in Cavriglia, Italy. It houses 7,500 different types of roses.
  7. The most expensive rose is valued at US$5 million. It was bred by David Austin fort 15 years at the cost indicated. The rose is nicknamed Juliet.
  8. Roses can be edible. Some species are known to contain vitamin C. The rose hip is used to make marmalade, jam and jelly and also can be used for medicinal purposes as food supplements.
  9. About 54% of land in Ecuador is filled with roses. It’s estimated about 25% of roses sold in the US come from Ecuador.
  10. The oldest known painting of rose was found in Crete, Greece in 1600 B.C.
  11. Roses are thirsty plants. Thy require plenty of water the reason most of the rose-growing countries are located near the equator.
  12. Only three flowers are mentioned in the Bible: rose, the lily and vampire (henna).


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