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Geraniums From My Garden

Geraniums are really easy to grow plants. They are actually Pelargoniums. However since they are so alike geraniums they are commonly called geraniums. These plants can grow up to 4 feet in height , they bloom in abundance and have a long blooming season from spring to the end of Autumn. 

Rain Drenched Flowers

Geraniums or pelargoniums come in a huge variety of colors. They  are native to South Africa. However they are grown all over the world. Geraniums are the national flower of Switzerland. 

From My balcony garden

The leaves are scented and they usually release their smell even with the slightest breeze. Their come in different aromas and are made into essential oils. 

These plants are natural insect repellents. 

Some of the varieties have rainbow colored leaves. Some of the pelargoniums are cultivated just for their beautiful leaves, 

The leaves and flowers are edible and add their own flavor and aroma to the dishes. The are usually used to decorate puddings or cold desserts. Though I am not to fond of eating them. 

Just a little care could make your plant give bountiful blooms. Its the abundance of blooms that makes this plant a favorite in sport venues, especially during Wimbledon and other Tennis championships. 

Deadheading the blooms after they wilt prevent self-seeding and allow continuous blooming of plants. I have found the self-seeding nature of the plant a bit annoying as it gets into every other container. 

These flowers here have gone to seed. Can you see the stick like projections?They are the beginning of the seeds. These plants can be propagated from cuttings and are the easiest to grow. 

I prefer to grow them from cuttings as they bloom faster this way. 

I hope you enjoyed my geranium blooms on this nature Tuesday!!

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