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Dreaming of Your Dream Home?

Several years ago my family had a wonderful opportunity to live in what I would characterize as a “dream home”.  It was a 6- bedroom house on a small hill located in Bethesda, Maryland, made even more beautiful by a blanket of snow outside and warmth of a crackling fireplace inside.  This house even had a private library.  It certainly created a memory I’ll never forget.

Many people have their idea of a “dream home” and these ideas are extremely varied.  Often the dreams are based on a memory of a place they lived or visited, or on a particular location in the world where the dreamer wants the home to be located, or on a desire to keep up with the Kardashians, etc.

Do you have a dream home?

My preference is for a humble abode; sort of along the lines of a log cabin they say Abe Lincoln (16th POTUS) lived in.  I would prefer that it be located someplace where the weather is like the Bahamas or Hawaii.  But if it in the mountains, it must have proper heating.  LOL.  Basically, I want to live in a simple house that does not require substantial upkeep and maintenance.

What about you?  Log cabin OR waterfront mansion OR a villa OR a castle? What about a treehouse?

#1 Your dream home? Eh! Not quite my style.

#2 Waterfront dream home in the Sunshine State?

Nice!  Will my neighbors be celebrities I like?

Ever Fantasize About Having a Celebrity Neighbor?

#3 A fairy tale castle that’s real?

#4 A castle in the USA?

#5 A luxury villa in France is irresistible.

#6 A cabin in winter – comfy and cozy is a dream home for many people.

#7 Tarzan and Jane never lived like this!

#8 Not sure Tarzan and Jane lived like this either. (O.o)

#9 Can’t find your dream home? Build it yourself!

What do you think?

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  1. That is an interesting question – we’ve lived in two “dream houses” over the years. One in Indiana that had a backyard built for young children (which we had at the time) and now in Maryland, close enough to get to DC, but still away from DC!

    My dream houses have changed over the years. Now I am looking for a base of operations in a children free house!

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