bugs out at night, time to say good bye

How’s it going my friends? hope your weekend wasn’t a complete washout, we got some much needed rain just so I could do some gardening to keep the plants from too much shock of being moved this late in the year, I hate moving plants so late cause some take longer to revive the move & some just don’t make it. :>{ so if you ever want to move your plants this late in the year it’s best to do it in a cool stretch of rain showers around this time of year this way they come back faster & less stressed.

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I spent my weekend helping a friend out that can’t keep hers in check & it got away from her over the yrs & she called on me to get something done cause she has a broke hip as of this year in her mid 60’s so I made a dent in what she want’s done this weekend & I may need to go next week end depending on what my friend is doing as she said she wanted to get some Japanese grass in different colors, so I want to wait & see when she gonna do this so I know what I’m doing, you know how that goes right? but it’s all for a good cause too.

So needless to say, I have been busy playing in the rain this weekend & enjoyed the work but the after effects I could very well do with out like all the aches & pains that comes after wards when your not as young as you use to be :>{ but that’s alright I’ll get it done & work on all my gardening later or in between time when I can.

By me working her garden this weekend I got all the plants she didn’t want & with me doing my pond I was telling you all about this is going to be a GREAT pond area with the new plants I can use to spice the place up I wish I could show you all the plants but I don’t have a webcam that’s portable but I know it’s gonna be GREAT cause  it’s the yellow daises & purple flowered mint, & some iris’s  & morn glories the dark purple ones :>} I ended up with 2 large box totes & one tall  kitchen trash can full of plants, so guess what? long hard week.

So being I have these new plants to get planted I got to looking online of HOW to keep the night critters at BAY with plants, I LOVE that Idea, cause I LOVE to sit out at night by the fire without being bothered with the bugs or sometimes I like to work outside at night cause it’s not so hot & it’s hard to do with bugs out too, so I found this video I think I will try to find for MY garden & enjoy the the out come next year around the pond with no bugs.

Here’s another thing I want to do with the pond area I think is pretty awesome & that’s to make some diy bog planters to put around my little pond area to dress it up & keep under control at all times, cause if I don’t OMG I will have a big mess so being I have no wet lands around me, I have to come up with something RIGHT? hum?

Have that somewhere along the side of the pond & don’t have no holes on the bottom & put my bog plants in it & put rocks around it to cover the P V C pipe & fill with small gravel & POOF I have me a flowing bog planter like a fountain, I thought that is SO cool & don’t cost much to make one. all I’d need is a SMALL pump attached to it keep it flowing & I can get them pretty cheap for something like this & it can be a BOG filter for the pond cool.

This here I can do too to have extra plant’s on the side for when I lose some or something, I have a tub just sitting around so I can set this up somewhere in the yard close by & have my own bog plants to use & if I get too many I could even sell some to other pond owners so yeah I’ve been thinking about stuff while I’ve been working on my friends garden, so I’m pretty hyped about getting back to my gardening while I can to get it on.

Well I hate to but I have a busy week looking at me so I thought I’d stop in to let you all know what I’ve been up to lately & what I’m working on when you don’t hear from me as much I have a lot to do & a limited time to do it all with so I’ll end this here & say good night OR good morn which ever the case maybe it’s going on 2 am here.

So let me know what you think & if you have any good ideas I’d sure love to hear or see them, talk with you all later in a few days K cause I have some other news I want to share with you all when I come back take care.


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