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Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette

The color of the interior is very important. One color promotes workability, others are calm and fit for rest, the third one is suitable for creativity, the fourth encourages appetite. Also, the color can help optically enhance and reduce the space, it can be warmed, make more cheerful or calming down.
  • The Kitchen

For the kitchens, will always fit all warm red or yellow and their intermediate shades. These colors, reminiscent of fruits, stimulate appetite and improve digestion. By the way, this does not necessarily have to be the color of the walls. It may be furniture, tablecloths, plates. The kitchen of these colors is easy to become a home center of attraction.

But if you want to lose weight, it is advisable to take the opposite tactics and use blue, green shades for the kitchen. In dark blue or green dishes, food does not look as tasty as having feeling funny in orange.
  • The Bathroom

The bathroom is usually a small room. For such a small room, you can use pastel tones. They optically increase the bathroom. Some people like bright colors, so if you want to use bright things there, bright accessories fit perfectly in your bathroom: a towel, a mat, or vases.
  • The Bedroom

In the bedroom we want to rest, relax. In order to create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, warmth, and coziness, the bedroom has to have a quiet natural color. It is soothing green, blue. These colors have a positive effect on the nervous system and are ideal for bedrooms.×349/

It is not necessary to use these colors alone, but better is to combine them in the way we meet them in the wild: blue is like the sky, green is like a forest, a brown is like trees, yellow is like sand. If you want bright colors, it’s better to use them in the bedroom as accents and modestly.
  • The Children room

First of all, much depends on the age of the host of the room. The tone that is better for a child is calm. What you need to know: bright colors and combinations of them stimulate activity, yellow and terracotta hues activate the brain activity, the green color concentrates attention.
  • The Living room

Color gamma greatly depends on what it is planned to do in this room. If the living room is intended for guests only, it may be red, orange, yellow. These colors symbolize joy, warmth, and stimulate communication. In order to avoid overloading, it is better to use these colors for accents while painting the walls in a neutral calm color.

If the living room is designed for family rest, it is better to choose calm colors easy dissolving the negative emotions and aggressivity. It may be mossy, sandy, green color.
  • The Work Room

It is recommended colors that help you focus: terracotta, brown, green. The most important thing is that you would like the color and would like to spend a long time in this room.

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