Tips for decor and maintenance of wooden gazebo

Types of decor in wooden gazebo

The wood is as perfect as possible combined with greenery, therefore, in the case of the construction of an open gazebo around it is possible to plant climbing plants, a good option is grapes. If the gazebo is closed, the flowers can be put in pots or installed on the walls. The pond with water lilies will look original and successful next to the gazebo, and if there is also fish in it, it will give guests even more impressions from the gazebo.

Inside the gazebo, you need to choose the right furniture, but you must take into account the style, in order not to get big mix-up. The main thing is not to overdo it with furniture. A gazebo is a practical place where everything should have practical significance. Curtains on windows, covers, and blankets on chairs and benches can quickly give the gazebo a necessary direction. For example, by matching textiles with blue tones, with elements of shells, fish, and anchors you can create an atmosphere of marine style.

Wooden gazebos styles

The variety of styles of gazebos amazes. There are a huge number of them, and most of their names have never even been heard by ordinary people, but for the wooden gazebos will be more suitable the following styles, or even groups of styles:

  • Classic style. Strict, smooth lines and practicality are the main characteristics of this style. Classic is always in a fashion. Such gazebos were popular with the Roman consuls 2000 years ago, they are also popular today in all strata of the population.
  • Forest gazebos. The crude wood, logs with a bark will give an unforgettable sophistication to the gazebo and at the same time the comfort inside it. It should be noted that in recent times the demand for such gazebos has steadily increased due to its originality.
  • Mediterranean gazebos. Here we mean light gazebos and ordinary canopies.
  • Japanese style gazebos – gazebos with Japanese buildings shapes.

Wooden gazebos are always very nice, as well as ecological and comfortable. They are built in nature and greenery surrounding and invites you to relax, breathe in fresh air.  Even the most beautiful and most comfortable house in the most beautiful garden is still only a house. But just you built a gazebo, it becomes the central homestead object and invites you to take a break and spend a time in nature.

Wooden gazebos made of natural wood will nicely fit into any landscape design, it is requiring very little space, but will change the entire garden view.  Wooden gazebos are not only a functional building but also a very aesthetic building in your garden. Of all the architectural buildings in the gardens or farmsteads, the wooden gazebos occupy the second place immediately after the house.

The ideal option is to build a house and the gazebo in the same style. The house and the gazebo made of the same material will create a unique aesthetic image. The flowers and ornamental shrubs around the house and the gazebo will help to bring the end to the natural and human creativity.

Necessary maintenance for a wooden gazebo

All natural, as a rule, has the property to quickly deteriorate, unlike artificial ones. And to the wood, this rule applies first and foremost. The material is rather capricious, requiring special attention and care, consisting in the following: 

  • Compulsory treatment with chemicals – fire retardants resulting in a greatly decreased probability of the wood combustion, and antiseptics to avoid possible development of the fungus and other diseases. It should be taken into account, even if you bought a gazebo and you were assured that all necessary treatments were made, every 2-3 years such procedures should be repeated.
  • Fundament or waterproofing. A very important point, which just needs to be taken into account when installing a wooden gazebo – the presence of a foundation, if it is not possible to use waterproofing in the form of rubbing with bitumen or other material. However, experts advise installing the fundament.
  • The load. It must be understood that in the case of a hurricane or snowfall, only one piece of debris can remain from your gazebo.  Therefore, the frame should be made more durable, and the more snow falls in the winter, the higher the roof’s bend should be made, which will increase the area of the roof surface and the angle of its inclination, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in the load on the frame.

And in conclusion, it should be said that with a serious approach to choosing the shape and type, a wooden gazebo will decorate any kind of private plot, will give joy and mood to the master and his guests.

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