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Tips Of How To Create English Interior Design Style

English interiors style is elegance, based on the intertwining of aristocratism, specific refinement, luxury and almost ascetic restraint. This trend is akin to classicism. It also requires scope for its implementation and generous investment. Despite its rather old origin, the English style in the interior of our houses, the guest is quite frequent. It is loved for its strict adherence to traditions, naturalness, and functionality. There are no particularly totemic canons in the design of such interiors. Stylistic decisions cannot be driven into some strictly defined forms, but the adherence of the interior decoration of the house to the English direction is determined instantly because the style has a number of characteristic features.

Characteristic stylistic features of the English interior style

In order to understand the intricacies of English interiors, it is necessary to at least understand that this style is a collective soup. The fact is that during the formation of this style direction, the England was an empire colonial and not a shy to enrich their culture with the traditions inherent in other peoples. The greatest reflection of the cultural exchange has been found precisely in decorating residential houses. The Englishmen were the first to risked combining the incongruous in the decoration and it should be noted that they succeeded. What is today referred to typically English interior features?
  • Decor details from the ancient architecture: 1. Arches. 2. Columns. 3. Borders. 4. Pilasters.

At the beginning to turn to the Victorian period, in the interiors, there will be a mass of signs of classicism, grown on the architectural and cultural canons of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.
  • Symmetry

The English-style room attracts the absence of broken lines, the simplicity of the elegance of the forms of the objects characteristic of the Georgian era.
  • Eclectic

It manifests itself in a mixture of diverse stylistic trends. Is best tracked in the decor. A characteristic feature of Victorian interiors.
  • Density of furniture 

In the English interior, there is always a lot of furniture. It seems that all the objects were compressed here from the last forces, but the effect of the mess is absent.
  • A feature of the layout 

In the English style, rooms are divided according to the functional. Living room, dining room, and library – the rooms are always different and certainly available in the house.
  • The abundance of textiles

The presence of English style in the interior gives out a huge amount of accessories from fabrics, up to the upholstery of walls with a textile. The traditional material for this direction is dense cotton with floral print.
  • Expensive materials 

Furniture and decoration of premises are made only by a valuable tree: oak, red walnut wood. Carved decoration is often used.
  • Windows

Structural windows are vertically elongated with a sliding opening method.

English style in the interior: what helps to create it

It is not easy to get harmony of vivacity and strictness in Victorian decor, but the result is worth all the effort. So, what to look for?

  • Color solutions

English interior is inspired by natural colors and natural tones. Most relevant: brown, shades of red, golden, sandy, saturated emerald, terracotta bronze, ivory.

Additional spectra can be red, gray-green, and yellow. Often and in large quantities, in the design of the premises, there is a white color. But nevertheless, the special love the British feel for the red shades. According to their notions, the color should be saturated, and deep. The furniture with upholstery in a similar design, carpets, blankets, pillows, curtains, containing the notes of red in its color can decorate the room in the English style.

Floral thematic can be present in unlimited quantities. Literally, everything is adorned with such patterns. Only in a room of English style, you can see floral prints in the decoration of walls, on curtains and upholstery at the same time. And it does not seem nonsense to anyone. Moreover, such an “overload” looks very inspiring and organic.

When creating English interiors, do not neglect the rule of color: apply bright furniture to pastel colors and vice versa.
  • Nuances of finishing the room surfaces

Walls. You can use any materials for the walls in the English interior. Both wallpaper and paint will do the job equally well. It is not the texture that matters, but the color and the pattern. Background surfaces should not be bright and colorful with catchy large-scale prints. It is better to give the walls monotony, although, for a change, you can use both vertically directed strips or apply, in the same way, a floral ornament.

Ceilings. The ceiling in the design of rooms often is left a light, painted in beige, cream, white tones. The ways to design a ceiling surface in English interiors can be several. Firstly, it can be smoothly plastered.

Secondly, molded decor elements can be placed on the ceiling and highlight them with color. This option is acceptable for halls and living rooms, when the premises are solemn, spacious, visited by guests.

Third, the beams are very suitable for the English style’s interior. This element is important, bearing with itself mysticism, vintage and requiring appropriate continuation in the rest of the trim.

Fourth, the surface can be decorated with stained glass inserts. It turns out not less original and stylish.

Floors. For finishing of floors in English interiors, use parquet or a board. The floor is often covered with carpeting with a one-tone color or with a printed geometric pattern, which will simplify the task of harmonizing the space. In the premises of a certain specifics, the floors are covered with ceramic tiles.

Furniture for the room in English style

The English people love the comfort, therefore they have a special attitude towards the furniture. As a rule, they fill their interiors with good furniture from a natural wood. The English style can be understood in the interior by the chairs and tables of moraine oak or luxurious mahogany.

It’s not so important for English interiors the material from which the furniture will be produced, but is important how they were to meet the basic stylistic requirements. The first thing that should have a construction is a special form of the legs. Although the style is characterized by straightforwardness, these pieces of furniture should be slightly curved, like an inverted comma. The presence of a characteristic decoration makes the furniture elegant.

It is important the upholstery of the furniture, its texture and color scheme. Do not forget that the English style in the interior is chic, charm, and luxury so does not try to save here. The preference should be given to bright colors, perhaps even upholstery with very catchy and large drawings.

In the interior of the room in the English style must certainly be the Chesterfield sofa. It is a stylistic business card. The sofas of this series are known and popular all over the world. They cannot be confused with anything. The sofa very often becomes a compositional center in home interiors.

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