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The Ultimate Guide On Creating Your Own Gallery Wall Like An Expert

Having a blank wall somewhere in your house? I have a great solution for that: creating a gallery wall. You will be able to add a personal note into it. There are some things that you should consider when creating your own gallery wall. Incorporate your personal photos or artwork in your home gallery, that will amaze everyone. Read on and find out how to create your own like an expert!

Choose A Proper Wall 

First, you need to choose a proper wall. It should be a blank wall somewhere in your home. It can be a big one, or a small corner. You can place a gallery wall in the hall, in the living room behind the sofa, or next to the stairs. Consider the size of the surface, so you can plan the number and size of the frames. 

Determine The Color Range

This is the first step of creating the artwork. You should make a decision on the color range you will be using. It is a good idea to have a few colors that match together. For example, you can choose different tones of green to get that natural look. Also baby pink and gray will match perfectly. Your artwork and frames should be in the exact color range.


Should you choose your artwork, or frames first? The choice is up to you. But, I would advice you to choose the frames first. It is easier this way, because you can adjust the art to the frame. It would be more difficult to search for a frame that will fit your chosen image. You are free to choose different sizes.

Choose Images

Now it is time to choose the images that will make your gallery. You can get creative and mix a few things. For example, choose your favorite personal photos. Also, consider making your own paintings. Quotes, newspaper cuts, or dried flowers can also go here. Combine a few things together to get the ultimate look. And remember to hold up to the chosen color range.


When your pictures are in a frame already, its time to place them. Random placing won’t work here. Try to make up a pattern that will fit everything. Do it with the help of paper. Cut off the shapes of your frames and arrange the best layout you can. Then, place every frame on it’s place.

Hang Them

Hanging your masterpieces is the last step of creating your own stunning gallery wall. With the help of your paper mock ups, place some nails and hammer them. That way you can find the right spot for your nail.


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Written by Kristina


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