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Mediterranean Home Decor Ideas

When you look at the pictures of Mediterranean landscapes, it seems that this edge is radiating the goodness and happiness. Local houses look as if nature itself took part in the construction and in the design of the interiors. But be sure, such idyll in the dwellings is a natural component of the way of life of people who are notable for their love of life and hospitality.

If you want to know how to fill the home environment with the spirit of the Mediterranean or you are just in love with this style – I will show you the basic nuances that will help create a colorful living room, even if it is part of a city apartment.

There is a detail, which should be remembered when decorating the premises in the Mediterranean style. Specialists divide it into so-called “under styles”: Italian and Greek.

Italian means a combination of warm shades of earth, wood, and stone, uses forged items in large quantities in furniture and decor. The Greek direction of the Mediterranean style is a snow-white color in the base, complemented by the radiant shades of the blue scale with interspersions of yellow and terracotta. Items of furniture here are made of wood, and, roughly processed, “faded.”


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