Tips for living room in Mediterranean style: furniture, textiles, decor accents

You also can read my tips on finishing, colors and materials for the living room in Mediterranean style.

Choice of furniture

In order to more accurately point out the style of the interior of the living room, you must choose the correct furniture for it. First of all, it, in most cases, should be wooden, rather massive and squat like all subjects in the room.

So, if you set the closet, then something average between the chest of drawers and closet so you can put decorative things on the top. In the Italian Mediterranean, armchairs and sofas are used with forged elements. It also can even be with a metal lattice frame. In the dining area of the living room at the dining table, there are also elegant chairs with high decorated backs and soft seats.

The Greeks, in turn, tend to complement the situation with purely wooden furniture, often using wicker armchairs and chairs. But for the Mediterranean, in general, the use of dense natural fabrics, of which sew plain covers for sofa backs and pillows, as well as for armchairs or poufs, is typical.

So, you should put in a living room of Mediterranean style a set of furniture:

  • Wide large but low sofa that can be complemented with a couple of the similar chairs.
  • In the center between them – a coffee table.
  • Along the walls, place a bookcase, cupboard or rack.
  • Instead, you can install two identical cupboards.
  • It is possible to put a high stool for decor or table lamp.

Furniture should not be “bored”, or be placed in a row along the walls. To all subjects of the room need to determine the place, at a distance from each other, and so that it is possible to move freely between them.

Choice of textiles and decor

After the main repairs, you now can begin the most enjoyable work – the decor of the living room in the Mediterranean style.

For windows, it is characteristic the use of lightweight fabrics in the form of simple functional curtains. You’ll ¬†have to forget about lambrequins, draperies, and other decorations – only natural (cotton, linen, tulle), fluttering curtains on a light forged cornice.

The decorative decoration of the Mediterranean living room is not distinguished by sophistication but emphasizes the dispositional nature of the room. For example, decoration of the room may be different ceramic vessels, paint plates, clay pots, and amphorae.

It is appropriate to attach the forged candlesticks to the wall at the fireplace, and put a couple of the same copper candlesticks, or, again, with the base of ceramics on the floor next to the fireplace.


In the sofa zone, spread out several brightly colored pillows, decorate the coffee table with a big beautiful fruit vase. Instead of dense large carpets, light woven rugs or lanes should be laid, and smaller ones should adorn the wall above the chair or chest of drawers.

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