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Kitchen design tips for kitchen project, the layout of furniture, colors

Dream house is not separable from good quality and functional kitchen because the kitchen is the heart of the house. Maybe the road to the dream kitchen will seem tedious, but if you divide it into stages, it will certainly not be difficult, because the goal is worth it. And so that the jubilation of the new home will accompany you as long as possible, there are some advices for you:
  • Do not take hasty decisions, do not buy the price and do not listen to the advice of neighbors (I know that everyone around you is the not less professional and designer than you, but do not listen to them anyway… In any area, it is good to consult a professional).
  • If you build a house and have not yet managed communication, it’s time to make a kitchen project. You will have greater chance to set up a dream kitchen. In this case, you will know the furniture sizes, aisles, heights, etc. It is possible to design a few layouts for the furniture, nobody restrains you – only the lengths of the walls, and even it can be easily adjusted.
  • If you have purchased an apartment with partial finishing and all communications are made already, you still have a chance to have a dream kitchen. But again, do a project right before you repair it, fine adjustments are not hard to do, and then you’ll be happy to have the best you could have compared with the previous situation.
  • Kitchen furniture must last at least 15 years, so do not rush choosing the materials and manufacturers. Factory furniture keeps its brand appearance and stable construction for much longer. By saving a significant amount at the moment, after 3 or 5 years, you will surely feel sorry for not spending it.
  • Ask for specialist kitchen design tips. Recently, most people imagine that they know what they want and what they need – they come to the salon/studio to express their wishes and in practice, everything they need to get is a picture and price … It’s a mistake.

Statistically, the family purchases 2-4 kitchen furniture in their lives, so, based on statistics, it would be good if you do not consider yourself a designer – if you make a mistake you will have to deal with it for several decades. An experienced specialist not only designs, but also knows the functional solutions because he has implemented hundreds of projects.
  • In the kitchen area, choosing the right configuration of the kitchen furniture, it is advisable to have natural light on the desk surface during the day.
  • If there is enough space in the kitchen, I recommend to design the “island”, it can be not only an additional working surface but also a kitchen accent. An “Island” surface can be fitted with a hob or sink, and additional seating areas can be formed.
  • Choose the color of the kitchen furniture, as well as the style, according to your personal taste. Always remark that you choose furniture for 20 years … it will be easier to decide.
  • Adjust the color of the worktops to the color of the doors of the cabinets, they can be of a similar color, both in full uniform and in high contrast. Here’s what you like, the most important thing to fit one another.
  • The walls should not be noticeable, you can emphasize one or two walls, but not all. Often I say that if you ask your friends who have been in your home, “what is the color of my home wall,” and they will not be able to say it, then the color of the walls is appropriate.
  • Floors in the kitchen can be the same as in any home. There is no need for a kitchen floor to be tiled – it’s a stereotype. The principle of the color of the floor is similar to that of the walls – it is not very noticeable, but do not forget that not only kitchen furniture must fit with the floor. This means that the less you choose the dominant colors, the better and easier it will be for the furniture to be selected.

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  1. I liked the 1st photo you have on here, as it looks ALMOST like what I seen the other
    day in a flooring store I was in, where it had the black counters & light grey walls & the
    sorta sliver & grey mosaic back splash I fell in love with the look of it that I want to
    do MY kitchen the same way with a grayish tile floor to match it just all blended in.

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