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Have you ever just looked around your place & thought about a way to spruce it upwhere it would really do something to wake the place up? like add something on thewalls that no one else has thought of or that you have seen any where else? I do &there’s a lot of ways that won’t cost a arm & a leg to do or make or buy or to get.

As you can see I have some ways on here that just might spark your interest tothink about doing If you really think about it & get creative there’s no telling justwhat all you could come up with to spruce up a room really easy & cheap as wellYou tube has all kinds of ways you could be creative to do what ever you want to.

I find all kinds of things to make on you tube that are really fun to make from craftsto used furniture to used windows & cabinets how is it said if you can think it you canmake it? all you have to do is put your thinking cap on & start looking on you tube ? take a look at the videos I have on here & let me know what you think about it.


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