French Country holiday decor

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

This video displays some French Farmhouse decoration tips for the holidays. French Farmhouse are just different words to describe rustic and country. I notice lots of copper items, tea sets, candles, and old wood. It looks old fashioned and homey, similar to your grandmother’s house, filled with antique treasures and traditional family items. There are also lots of wicker baskets. Natural décor items might include some pine cones from your backyard.

I think it just needs an old Raggedy Ann and Andy as well as teddy bear for décor items, just to make the home even more cozy and warm. There are also lots of throws, mostly in plaid, because plaid tends to be a festive print.

As I look around my place, I think my décor is different because my home style looks more boho coastal with an accent on industrial. My style is still a combination of different styles because I cannot decide on one particular style. I have always liked nautical because it is refreshing as the salty ocean breezy. But boho looks cozy, fun, and adventurous. And, industrial has a modern aspect to it that looks cool.


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