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Chic Living Rooms With Exposed Brick Walls

You may think that ordinary bricks are not considered to be a part of the finishing touch. When you see these wonderful designs, you might think again. Architects often implement exposed bricks in order to add texture. Their unique pattern is something universal. Adding a stylish note in your home is something you should consider. See why exposed brick wall is the ultimate hit!

How can you make it?

Beneath the plaster walls, there are bricks. If you like their shape, then you should definitely make it visible. Exposing bricks is a challenging process, as you need to remove the plaster. First, do a test. Expose only a little part and check if the brick are in good shape that can be shown. If you like the appearance, then continue. Always consult an expert before you start anything. If you think that this is too hard, then go for a fake brick wall. Printed brick wallpaper is the ultimate solution for you.

Wait, aren’t bricks meant to be “antique”?

Actually, exposed brick surfaces can be a nice detail in any room design. It can be implemented anywhere. From rustic, to boho and sophisticated. Architects have made a step forward and making this the ultimate solution for modern homes.

Whitewashed brick

If you don’t like the “nude” brick look, then why not paint them? Whitewashed bricks are widely implemented in interior designs. You will achieve a chic look, while enlightening the room.

Styling Brick Walls

Do not add too much decor on your brick wall, otherwise it will loose it’s charm. You will make it’s beauty less visible, And you don’t want that for sure. You can display artwork or some cool posters, but keep it minimal.


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  1. I was considering getting brick wallpaper because my townhouse living room wall is getting old and dirty, and needs a paint job, but will probably be too hard for me to paint it. I wonder if I can do the wallpaper on my own. I have never done it before.

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