Yet Another Edible Flower

Do you know this food?

I was fascinated upon seeing a box of these for sale in the supermarket and bought them on impulse, having never seen anything like it in the market before.  At home, after opening the box I wasn’t sure if they would be good to eat.

This one looks more like a little octopus than candy or fruit.  But it is both.  It is a sugar soaked dried hibiscus flower and although a bit chewy it is both tasty and fun to eat.   Despite being sweetened these have quite a bit of nutrition.  I guess that qualifies them as vitamin candy!

Soon we will probably see them covered with chocolate.  Does that sound good to you?


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Written by Ann Hartley

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  1. I live in a neighborhood which has a variety of ethnic groups so I’m used to seeing a lot of food items for sale that I would never have thought of as edible. This one looks like it would be more interested in eating me than I am in eating it. 🙂

    • Not only can you eat them, but they have pretty good food value and I am growing to like them. I buy the completely dry hibiscus flowers to cook into “Jamaica” (hibiscus tea) which is one of my favorite summer beverages, but these are very different. Trader Joe’s carries their brand too.

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