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Why do we like tea or coffee?

According to a review, the people whose genes have already existed and have a sense of tremendous taste. they quite likes it because of  “tart caffeine” presence in the coffee.

The human being developed the evolutionary stages as well as the ability to recognize bitter flavors. It was an alarming system to avoid harmful issues in its body in a way. If we talk about ‘Amarikano name Coffee, So in the evolutionary context, we should taste it and spit it immediately in wash basin. But in a demonstration, those who were sensitive about the more tasty flavors of caffeine, prefer coffee on tea and absorbed it more often

According to Marie Lane Colonials, professor of North Western Fine burgh School of Medicine, “You will expect that those who are sensitive to the caffeine’s taste, drink less coffee.” The results of our research are opposite.

In the UK research conducted on more than four million men and women, researchers found this, those people who were sensitive to bitter flavors of corn and vegetable compounds, they prefer tea compared to coffee.

Professor of the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and the co-author of this study, Liang Dangwar, said, The fact that some people prefer tea on coffee, It shows how everyday experiments refuse genetic tendencies when it is a matter of taste. He further says, Feeling of bitter flavors is not only genetic but also on environmental factors. “


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