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What is for … Dinner?

We made our own version of Korean hotpot yesterday!! It’s basically a hotpot with Korean sauces …what you want to put in the hotpot is really up to you, as long as they can be cooked fairly quickly.

We added luncheon meat, mushrooms (which I forgot the name, sorry), cabbage, clams, squid, kimchi and some meat. At the end, you add in some noodles (instant noodles usually).

The sauce is easily prepared by combining:

Hot Pepper Paste, Garlic, Mirin, Soya Sause, Sugar and some black pepper. I added a little water to it but it’s not really needed.

Here is a small portion of it which I took.

Are you curious about what people around the world have for their meal?

Well, I’m sure am! So I’ve started a Challenge for foodies (any everyone else, as long as you eat!). It’s called “What is for…”, you can find out more >>> here


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