What I had for Snacks? … Haluhalo!

It was a hot day. So we decided to make haluhalo!

Haluhalo, or commonly known as halo-halo, is a dessert from Philippines. It is a mixture of various ingredients, shaved ice and evaporated milk. Our version of halo halo have sago, gulaman, sweetened banana, sweet potato, pounded crushed young rice (pinipig), sugar, and leche flan. The ingredients are first put in a glass or cups (in our case, we put it in plastic cups), then the shaved ice on top, and we put the leche flan and sago as toppings. Lastly, put the milk. We also added wafer sticks.

Haluhalo is one of the most popular dessert, or icy concoction, in the Philippines, especially during summer when the weather is the hottest. You can find lots of establishments or houses who sell haluhalo.

Haluhalo has a literal English translation of mix mix. Halo means mix. True to its name, Haluhalo is a mixture of ingredients.

A mixture of delight in every spoon.

PS. I used the word Haluhalo instead of the commonly used term halo-halo because it is the right tagalog word for it. And halo-halo is just the name that became popular because of a fast food chain, as I remember.


What do you think?

Written by ReignRenRen