What is for Dinner challenge: Love This Pizza

I served this pizza for dinner tonight. It has goat cheese, tomatoes, and spinach on it. I believe that all these ingredients in moderation should be considered healthy. What do you think? This is a specialty pizza from Aldis.

I usually serve a salad with this type of pizza, but I was out of salad. I did serve it with peas and carrots, but I forgot to post it lol.

If you want to eat healthy and you just do not want to give up pizza, why not try the Speciality Goat Cheese Pizza from Aldi’s. Yum! Yum!!!!!


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. Goat cheese taste so good on the pizza that I usually buy more to add to it lol. Try it you will love it!!! Thank you for commenting.