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What I had for lunch – Challenge -Tarator soup

An interesting challenge is invented by an alib. Everyone in the site will know who ate. Whether we eat healthy. Hahaha. Now I have a very special soup and a recipe on how to do it.

Tarator is a kind of cold milk soup, traditional in Bulgarian cuisine. Variations of the tartar are also present in the kitchens of other countries such as the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Iran. It is sometimes called a liquid salad or salad tatar, such as in Serbia, where water is not added to the tartar.

In Europe under the tarator dominated the idea of the Bulgarian cold soup as we know it today. For the first time, the recipe for the tattoo appeared in 1956 in the “Hostess Book” under. order. by P. Cholcheva and Al.Ruseva – it contains all the components of today’s tattoo.

Ingredients Necessary

  • cucumbers – 1 number bigger or 2 average
  • yoghurt – 2 cups (1 kg)
  • nuts – 1 full handful of crushed
  • garlic – 2-3 cloves or taste
  • water – eye cold
  • dill – 1 bond
  • olive oil – 3 – 4 tablespoons
  • salt to taste
  • pepper – freshly ground to taste
  • white pepper – 3 pegs

Method of preparation

Peach the cucumbers by leaving only thin shots from the dark green, which will give a more pleasant look to the tattoo. Grate it or cut it into small cubes.

Beat two buckets of yoghurt well and pour them into a bowl. With water, rinse the pots to pick up the rest of them and stir to the yoghurt. Add so cold water that you get the density of the tattoo you want.

Then drop the cucumbers, as well as the grated or chopped garlic, part of the crushed walnuts, finely chopped dill, black pepper and white pepper to taste. Finally, finally confuse the olive oil and flavor.

Spread the prepared tartar into cups. Decorate with some crushed walnuts and a blade of dill and serve.

The rules are simple:

1) Post photos or something else for FOOD! (What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or dinner break or your favorite café, restaurant … etc)

2) Use #whatisfor

3) Have fun!

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